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Charting Compliance with the 2007 Port of Spain Summit Commitments on Non-communicable Diseases

  • List of Commitments
  • Scores (to come)
  • Final Research Report (November 2015)
  • Compliance reports (as they become available)
    1. Strengthen regional institutions [pdf]
    2. Legislate the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control [pdf]
    3. Ban on smoking in public places [pdf]
    4. Ban on tobacco sales to children [pdf]
    5. Ban on tobacco advertising to children [pdf]
    6. Ban on promoting tobacco to children [pdf]
    7. Warning labels for tobacco [pdf]
    8. Fiscal measures against tobacco [pdf]
    9. Revenue from tobacco and alcohol [pdf]
    10. Screening and management plans [pdf]
    11. Mandated physical education in schools [pdf]
    12. Incentives/resources for physical education in schools
    13. Healthy meals/eating through education [pdf]
    14. Food security [pdf]
    15. Transfats [pdf]
    16. Fair trade [pdf]
    17. Food labelling for nutrition
    18. Mass physical education
    19. Parks for physical education
    20. Gender
    21. Incentives for public education on wellness
    22. Incentives for public education on changing behaviour
    23. Incentives for public education on NCD self-management
    24. Media partners
    25. Research surveillance
    26. Monitoring and evaluation
    27. Caribbean Wellness Day